Lightning Plumbers

Vehicle Branding, Business Card Design, Flyer Design

AboutThe Project

When Lightning Plumbers approached us to update their business cards, the company had existed for a few years, but did not have a strong brand identity to start from, save for using the colour green on previous flyers, as well as green text on their existing vehicle branding.

We realized that for their business card to be effective and really set them apart from their competitors, it would have to use some type of an icon that incorporated the existing green colour and displayed their services, so after a few emails up and down, our design team had nailed down a look for the icon. Lightning Plumbers liked it so much that they decided to have their existing vehicle branding redone so that what started as an imprompto icon to make a business card less bland, could become their official logo and the same font and colours could be used all over.

In fact, they recently contacted us for the design files of their newfound logo, in order to have shirts with the same logo made for their workers.

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