Lochtec Innovations is a vibrant marketing company situated in Cape Town, South Africa. As leaders in web design and development, graphic design, corporate branding and marketing, we offer tailor made turnkey solutions to our clients in both the national and international markets. We endeavour to offer a comprehensive package of services, ensuring that we can proactively assist and advise our clients.

We aim to build a marketing company that extends its reach to the global markets by staying on the cutting edge with new services, ideas and products. Stepping into and also pioneering new marketing trends allows us to continuously offer the best to our clients and set the pace for our competitors.
Lochtec Innovations also aim to have facilities to train, educate and help build young creative visionaries, creating a learning opportunity for previously disadvantaged individuals, and thereby assisting them to reach their dreams and goals by fully developing their potential and talents into sustainable skills and employment.
In achieving this, Lochtec Innovations will establish a market-driven one-stop client service, incorporating innovative thinking and all current marketing tools.

Lochtec Innovations meets the clients’ needs, regardless of the size of our clients’ company. We aim to give clients the best possible coverage for their business in the following ways:

Ensuring optimal exposure and growth by using the latest marketing techniques and tactics
Staying up to date with the latest software developments
Utilising mediums such as web design and development, print media, social media, application development etc.
Event coordination and much more.
We strive to bring the best service with passion and creativity, growing with you as your company expands, portraying your company’s image in a professional way, whilst maintaining the personal touch that always accompanies our service.

At Lochtec Innovations, we make it our priority to look at your requests and challenges from every angle, so that we can offer you the best service and outcome. We have a passion for solving challenges and projects that have a unique flavour to them and we strive to go further every time. This is why Lochtec Innovations looks for ways not just to approach things differently, but also to impact the people in our local community, as well as making a long lasting impact worldwide. Lochtec Innovations have partnered with and support various non-profit organisations such a Rotary Club, Empowerment Project, etc.
Lochtec Innovations does not just want to give the best service in what we have to offer our clients, but also give back to people and their dreams as much as possible.