Lochtec Innovations has a team of highly skilled creative individuals who constantly push the boundaries of innovation to be on the cutting edge of design. Our designers can take a concept from the basic and advanced platform of sketch mock-ups right through to the concepts our clients desire.
We are ready to advise you regarding your corporate identity. What does your image say to your clients about you and your company? Do they remember you and your company for your service, or does your image come to mind first? It is our passion to breathe life into the designs of our clients – not to just have a professional image for them to display to their clients, but to bring forth an image that people will remember for a long time. The Lochtec Innovations creative team is ready to take the concept you envision and to bring it to life, for a truly spectacular image your clients will remember.


The Lochtec web design and development team is committed to ensuring that you get a high quality website that suits both your corporate identity and your budget. We specialize in building CMS (Content Management System) websites, which allows you as the client to be able to make updates to the website on your own. This in turn can save you time and money. However, should it be your preference to not be involved with such technical details, the Lochtec Innovations team will be more than willing to assist you with keeping your site updated and secure.
The fact that we build responsive websites means that your website will present beautifully across all platforms, such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones. We can assist you with anything from a basic website, to a more specialized website containing one or more of the following features:

Shopping carts
Multi-lingual functions
Rich multi-media capabilities
Blogging tools
SMS capabilities
Donation tools
We can also provide custom web and app development based on your specifications.


Lochtec Innovations constantly seeks to bring the best services to you. With our top class local and international servers, we bring you the best hosting services possible; everything from domain registrations, small hosting packages up to your more corporate packages for larger companies. We can even provide you with an Unlimited server package, where you will never have to worry about how much space you are using on the server of choice.


What Lochtec Innovations wants to offer your business is visibility, and one of the most effective ways to be visible to your potential clients is through signage and branding. Our team can assist you with anything from vehicle branding to various forms of signage installations.


We believe that the corporate identity of any given company greatly affects the visibility of that company within the community, which is why we believe that it is worth investing in purposefully building a good corporate image.
This begins with choosing the right colour scheme, designing an effective logo, designing and printing business cards, signage and corporate clothing. Your company’s corporate identity should emanate from every e-mail sent; every social media and marketing encounter a person has with the company, right down to your office or shop. The Lochtec team offers you their expertise in developing your business’s corporate identity into a well-known and loved brand in your local community, so that you can increase your sphere of influence and, through that, reaching your business goals.


Do you require printing done for your company? Our team of professionals have more than six years’ experience in the print industry. During this period, Lochtec Innovations have partnered with top quality companies to bring you the best prices and quality for all your printing requirements.
Whatever your needs may be – from business cards to newspaper advertisements and much more – we have the expertise to help you with your printing needs.


At Lochtec Innovations we believe that a business’s communication with clients, whether it be for the purpose of marketing or feedback, is crucial. We assist many of our clients with the design, directing and running of mailing systems, which is sent to their clients and supporters. Where required, we can also add the newsletter to our clients’ websites.
Our friendly personnel are ready to advise you with regards to which mailing systems are best suited to your requirements, as well as how to stay within the legal requirements of newsletters.